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    I just cant ever bring myself to pay such ridiculous prices for the Mach 3,Fusion etc etc. I have in the past and now I feel that I was just ripped off by hype and aggressive marketing. When I am in Tesco buying blades I see guys leaning past me and buying very expensive sets of cartridge blades, I lean over and pick up ten blades for approx. $4. I come so close to touching these guys on the shoulder and giving them some advice.

    Last week for the first time at a city gym in the center of Londons West End, I stood infront of the mirrors for a shave,and an older guy(55yrs) stood next to me.He got out a Mach 3 and tin of shaving foam. I pulled out a brush,shaving cream and a straight. He couldnt believe his eyes and called his mates over, probably thinking there was a ritual suicide about to be performed in the gym.
    At the end of the shave all three guys said how impressed they were and how classy the whole thing looked, they were marketing guys from a nearby magazine, designer suits,flash watches botox etc etc.
    I am not a betting man, but I will put money on one of those guys straight shaving in the next month,and, theyll probably use a straight in their next magazine publication !!


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    I'm quicker with a Straight than my DE's

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