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    Default Is this stuff of any Value???

    This may sound like a dumb question, but I've been called a lot worse than dumb before. I'm really new to Straights and have been picking up some shaving stuff here and there and off e-bay.
    I recently bought a "LOT" to get some other shaving gear and ended up with this DE stuff. I had never really considered using a DE, but may head that way for traveling, but it isn't really my priority right now.

    So.....I was wondering if this stuff had any real value to anyone, either as a collector or user. I'll try to list what everything is in case the pictures aren't good enough.

    1. A Segal box with 7 blades still in their wrappers. two of which are marked SAMPLE. The blades/wrappers are in mint or near mint condition. the box is beat up.
    2. A Gillette Blue Blades box...pretty beat up
    3 There are 4 Gillete PROBAK razors in their wrappers in good to very good condition- I can see some rust spots through the wrappers. Three of the wrappers have printing on them. one is in an unprinted wrapper.
    4. The Gold toned razor is marked Gillette, and the finish is worn through in places and the head(?) has virtually no finish left.
    5. A GEM Micromatic with the finish completely gone in spots on the cover(?) area.
    6. A Gillete with a short handle. there are some scrathes on it from bumping up against some other items, but is in mint condition. It looks to have never been used as it still has the shipping paper in it where the blade goes.
    7. A black plastic box with CLIX Made in USA on it and a black plastic handle inside. the inside is dirty and has rust deposits from wet steel sitting in it.

    Any help with this would really be appriciated. I will be probably be getting rid of this stuff and need some idea of the fair value. I hate to give something away that has some real value, but I don't want to ask a lot for some worthless junk either.

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    Let me offer my thoughts. and understand that is all they are just a thought, to see if I can help.

    1st, The Gem. I don't use or deal with single edge razors but I see these going for $5.00 to $15.00 depending on condition.

    2nd, The "short handle" is a travel razor. They come in a little leather zipperd case and sell between $10.00 to $20.00. Without the case, I'd guess maybe $5.00 to $10.00.

    3rd, The "gold". It is known as a Thick (or Fat) Handled Tech. These are a dime a dozen I'm afraid and with the plating loss I'd say between $2.00 to $5.00.

    4th, The "Clix box". Well without the head, it is pretty much worthless. You might find someone who has one with a broken handle who would buy it but on the open market, nada, I'm afraid.

    As for the blades, the Segal was a very unique razor, the head was made in such a way that those blades will NOT work in other DE razors, and vice versa. I don't know what they might bring to a Segal collector.

    The Gillette blades, maybe $.10 apiece.

    Please keep in mind this is only one persons opinion. It is fair to say that something is "worth", what someone is willing to pay for it.

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