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Thread: Should I?

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    Ok! Great answers guys,thanks. I'm thinking of the merkur vision 2000.Good choice?

    Also, how many shaves do you usually get from a singel blade?
    And how do you store the razor with a blade on, is a stand mandatory?

    All these questions.....


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    I have done the job with everything. Started out with those terrible electrics including the foil and rotary electrics with ocasional forays into disposable thingys. From there went to a fusion, mach 3, sensor excell, super speed, tech and finally to a dovo inox.

    I would say that by going to a double edge you are giving up the ability to get right under the nose and to even out those side burns. I would recommend picking up one double edge just to see what its like and a Derby Extra pack of blades. What single wedge says is true, which is why I recommend a pack of Derby Extra blades, they sastify the greatest number of people.

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    I just happen to have the merkur vision 2000 also. It is heavy and it takes a while to dial in. When that is said I get ok shaves with it now. Before I got in to straights I used it exclusively for about a year. I've gotten some of my worst nicks ever from it (with Merkur blades). Safety razor my .

    It's not even close to a straight shave by any means, but I bet that no one but me notices.

    Just make sure to buy good DE- blades to it. The Merkur blades that comes with it s ks big time. A sample blade pack might be a good idea. I use Feather, Wilkinson Sword and Gillette with mine. Also it takes a lot less pressure than the mock3 to do the job. Let it "go by its own weight". It does not give a lot of feedback, but it is easier to learn than the straights.

    "Cheap Tools Is Misplaced Economy. Always buy the best and highest grade of razors, hones and strops. Then you are prepared to do the best work."
    - Napoleon LeBlanc, 1895

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    just like some of the other guys, I prefer an SE over a DE

    I love my GEM 1912...for me, a much closer and smoother shave w/ no effort whatsoever....not 5 million blade types to go through either. GEMs are readily available and inexpensive to boot.

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    My collection of DEs and SEs still outnumbers my straights, but the gap is slowly closing.

    As noted earlier, you'll notice that the SEs give a shave closer to a straight, while the DEs, both blades and razors, have personalities that you need to explore before you know what combination works best for you.

    Since I started using a straight I've noticed that i get more nicks from my DEs/SEs. However, that may be because I only use the "safety razors" when I'm in too much of a rush to do a good job with a straight. I can get a socially acceptable shave with a straight in just a few minutes, but even though I'm the only one that will feel the difference in most cases I prefer to get a good shave with whatever razor I choose. For me, fast shave = DE/SE while enjoyable shave = straight.

    Just my $0.02.

    - Mark (S-4-C)

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