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    Default Second SE shave, Whoa

    Welp, I gave my GEM Single Edge another try but this time I used a new GEM blade. I used shaving cream the first pass and then put on some Olive Oil "shave oil" and did my XTG and ATG passes...

    My technique isn't great so I didn't get every little patch but most of my face I got a BBS shave. The GEM is now my offical travel razor where I can't take my straight.

    I'll probably use it at home to since my dad gave it to me.

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    Great to read your SE shave results. I am too a straight razor and was looking for a Travel razor and for something on those days where I need to shave in a hurry. And I have just ordered 2 GEM 1912 as well and hope I will be able to give the same kind of feedback than you did once I get them.

    What blades are you using, please?

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    The Gem blades below have a triple bevel, and give the best shave of any I have tried. I get 5-7 shaves from each. If you can find the Gem Personna blades, those work well too, but I believe only have the double bevel. The PTFE coating makes them exceptionally smooth.

    I buy my blades from Ted Pella in the US. (click the link)

    Single Edge, PTFE-Coated Blades

    Cuts through epoxies nicely. Stainless Steel single edge, 3 facet, ptfe coated stainless steel, aluminum back, individually protected. 2 boxes of 100 each.
    Length: 39.6mm (1.56")
    Cutting Edge Length: 38.8mm (1.527")
    Width: 19.6mm (0.77")
    Thickness: .229mm (.009")

    Prod # 121-3
    Single Edge, PTFE- Coated, Stainless Steel Blades, box/200 each $34.85

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    I like how a SE blade feels very solid and stiff kinda like a str8t but small and manuverable like a DE.

    yep gem personnas and ted pellas are pretty much the only two brands for a SE but they work so who cares. You can ask around and find people who sell them in smaller amounts.

    congrats on the shave and great razor the 1912 is a good one too.

    I have a micromatic and a damaskeene and both give wonderful shaves. Now to find a 1910 lather catcher

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