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Thread: Merkur rusts?

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    Default Merkur rusts?

    Does it? After I finish shaving, I wash it off the top part with water. Is that bad?

    another question

    Where can I get razors.

    Can you get razorblades for a Merkur at a local wallgreens?

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    Good answers to your question above. I'd add that E-bay can be a good place to get new or vintage razors for a decent price. I also dunk my razor's head in alcohol after the shave and after I rinse it off. In theory, that displaces the water and helps it to dry faster.

    Like said above also, there is a big difference in blades. Yes, Walgreens would sell blades. They are most likely made by American Safety Razor Co. These are the guys that make the American Personna brand and also supply blades to chain stores, etc. They are serviceable blades, but nowhere near the best. To find the Feather, 7 O'clock series, etc. you'd probably have to order on-line.

    Good luck!

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    order a sampler pack,best way to find out what works best for yah. have fun on your shaving journey

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    Default Merkur rusts?


    I use a double edge usually when in a rush. After use I gently wipe and the razor clean, mindful of blade in the shave head, and park it in its stand. Taken care of, the razor should last forever, and rust free.

    As for blades, some excellent suggestions have been made so far. After testing many blades through the years, I have settled on two:
    Feather and Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge (yellow packs).



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