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    That is a wonderful grooming set and I will keep my eye open for one in the antique stores around the area.
    I have recently returned to using a DE and consider it part of my stress reduction program. I have to allow time to do it right and, as some have recently found out, you can't rush these things. I have become accustomed to and now look forward to the extended morning ritual.
    Using a disposable is convienent but expensive, even for we handsome bearded types, so armed with new prizes to aquire I have no problem walking around shops where ever we travel looking for items like you bought.
    I did find a nicely priced and well cared for adjustable Gillette for the house and bought a new Parker 90R in a little case for use on a recent trip. With a sample blade pack I am finding the best blade for each razor, and my beard type. So far the Derby is winning but I tried a Personna Platinum this morning. Nice but did not get the same shave.
    Hope you get back to your SR soon.
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