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    Default First DE shave in a week

    So its Saturday morning of my first week using a straight razor and I decided to give my face a little break from my novice fumbling with a sharp blade. Being a DE pro of a year, I broke out my trust EJ 89 and Shark blades and went to work.

    Holy smooth delightfulness. I know straight razors give the best shaves, but man, for a novice it can be rough. I can fully understand why mankind made the switch (although I will never comprehend the switch to 5 blade beasts).

    It almost makes me want to just pack away the straights. Good thing I have 3 freshly honed razors headed my way!

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    I had the same experience with my SE the first time I used a good blade in it. But it's good to have both I think. DE/SE and a straight make a good combo for most situations.

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