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Thread: First DE Shave

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    Default First DE Shave

    Well today was my first DE shave,ordered a few things from Truefitt&Hill,shave creme ,badger brush,and picked up a Merkur HD long handle. All in all I think it went pretty well,not quite BBS but not bad none the less,the jawline is the worst spot.Just got to get all the angles right,not something I'll do everyday,well at least not until I get good at it.But just going through the process is quite enjoyable.This is by far the only way a man can pamper himself and still feel manly.It may not have helped that I haven't shaved in 4 or 5 days (i normally work 3rd shift and have been on 1st all week,and my schedule is a little screwed up)had to mow down a little with beard trimmers.I hope that don't affect my skin or irritate it .

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    I haven't had enough time in the mornings to straight shave recently so I had gone back to my Mach 3. A few irritating shaves later I ordered a Merkur 34C and a blade sample pack.

    I had my first DE shave today and I have to say WOW! It wasn't as close as as a straight shave, but I think that may come in time. But it was great to be able to whip around my face without really being in danger of slicing off a flap of skin, and the closeness was more than good enough.

    I can't wait to try out the rest of the blades in the pack!

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    Default First DE Shave


    The double edge razor comes in handy when one is pressed for time. I also use a DE once or twice a month just to keep up my skills.

    Finally, since I continue to experience problems with my thumbs, especially the left, and since I shave left/right handed with the straight razor, sometimes I take a day off from shaving straight to rest my left hand. As a rule, I use the right hand only for the DE.

    I have sold all of DE razors except for three, which I rotate after three shaves per blade Feather or Gillette 7 O' Clock (yellows). My DE razors now consist of 1) Edwin Jagger Chatsworth "Barley," 2) Edwin Jagger Chatworth mock ivory, and 3) Cyril Salter black ebony.

    I am thinking of selling the EJ mock Ivory and the Cyril Salter, though. I'll just keep the EJ "barley" for the quick shaves.

    The Merkur 34C is a good razor. After a good DE, the multi-blade cartridge razor deserve a final burial.



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