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    So I was sure I would never have a DE since I started shaving with a Straight. Well call it necessity (I travel a lot and sometimes a straight is hard to travel with) I felt I needed a good travel razor. I normally pack my dovo and a small strop and just go, but there are times when I just don't have the space or protection for the straight and strop.
    I decided that I would never again shave with one of those multi blade pieces of Sh#t awhile ago, so I started looking for a simple DE. This is what I found. I just love the design in the handle.
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    Those three (3) piece DE razors are really excellent for travel use

    I used to use a Mekur 1904 & a Gillette New.

    Have fun with !

    Best regards


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    Its a nice tech, a later model with a stamped out alu head. That handle design is one of my favs, it comes in two models an lightweight aluminium model and a solid brass model. I have one of the solid brass handles, its really good.

    I find the alu handles too lightweight.

    You'll be amazed at how good that little beauty shaves.

    best of luck!

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    I have a newly purchased (as of 2007) Weishi butterfly DE that I've used the most, and a U.S. Army-issue inherited from my paternal line (too aggressive) and a Gold-Tech Gillette given to me by a co-worker. The latter two are traditional 3-piece designs. I'd say the surprise of the three is the Gold-Tech, it has provided some very high-quality shaves. Not as fancy a grip pattern as yours, obviously, but the one I have is a delightful prize of a nice shaver. Just because it was also inherited and passed on to me for free doesn't mean it isn't valuable. I have two wonderful DE safety razors and am not in the market for any others, still experimenting through trial and error with shave soaps and creams with those two wonderful DEs.

    Congrats to anyone using a traditional, old-fashioned design for good results!

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    Ditto on the handle, I see an "L" stamping on the base plate, 1966 or so?.
    I have a '58 (D3) in silver tone given to me as present, they are sweet shavers, especially with Gillette Permasharp (green Indian) or SharpEdge (yellow Russian).

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    thats a nice one have not seen that handle design yet i have one just like that but diff etching in the of these days im gonna get around to taking pictures of all of them and post them on here

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