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    Default Want to IMPROVE your DE shave?

    Then buy a str8 and try to use it!!!!!!!!!:

    It's amazing. I have been using my Merkur HD for a while but decided to jump into the str8 razor world.

    My first Str8 shave was a disaster which resulted in a cut that was hugely avoidable... oh well live and learn. What I found is that while using the Str8 you are eminently aware of blade angle, pressure, hair growth patterns as mistakes are somewhat more dire.

    While letting the gash heal I would finish shaving with my DE and have been getting my best shaves yet.

    So I may be a mediocre Str8 shaver (but improving Daily) but I am a damn fine DE shaver now!!!
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    Welcome to the straight razor world! It just gets better from here!

    If you havent already, read the Wiki. Theres a link at the top of the page. It has loads of great advice and tips to help you out..!

    I can only agree with you about the pressure. Keep it light! And adjust your angles as need be to get the best results.

    Never underestimate the importance of good stropping and good lather and face prep either. If you get both of these elements correct as well, you will really notice the difference!

    Good luck!

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    There are places on my neck that I just can't seem to get perfectly BBS with a straight due to the angle of the hair growth. But the DE can mow them down with ease. The DE doesn't perform as well on the chin though, and the straight beats it hands down.

    For a really, truly perfect shave I often use both a straight (or two!) and my Merkur HD.

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    You want to improve your DE shave? Become proficient with a straight razor and then go back to a DE; you'll see how easy it really is.

    I was shaving with a SR long before I picked up a DE for the first time, and the transition was beyond smooth. But as much as I like the shave I get from a safety razor it does become mindless after a while. I enjoy a challenge, so I keep going back to my straights.

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