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    Quote Originally Posted by spinsheet View Post
    A few days ago I ordered a Parker 96R safety razor. Had I any idea that there was actually a forum dedicated to shaving I would have asked this before buying, but I has no idea. Is the Parker a decent razor? I am is the process of learning how to use a straight razor and in the meantime I thought that I would toss the disposables in lieu of a DE. Any thoughts on the Parker? It also comes with 10 shark blades. I have not seen anyone comment on those blades here, how do they rate?

    Both the razor and the blades got very good reviews on Amazon but I would trust this groups opinions a bit more.


    The Parker is a decent razor. It is made in India and is a butterfly or Twist to Open (TTO) style similar to some old time Gillette safety razors.

    I have never owned one, but have read that it is somewhat more aggressive in its shaving than other brands of razors.

    See how it shaves and report back to us.
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    I have no other razors in my past that I can compare the Parker to; I am replacing a standard three blade disposable cartridge with it. That being said...

    I am quite happy with it. I did nick my face quite a few times getting used to it but it is now second nature. I get a closer shave with less irritation than I ever could with the disposables. I really cannot talk about its aggressiveness or any other such quality as I have nothing but disposables to compare it to.

    I have not yet ordered a sampler pack of blades, I intend to do that soon. The Shark blades seem to be lasting me about four shaves per side so I should be getting a easy week out of each blade. This seems pretty good to me as I have pretty heavy facial hair and rather sensitive skin. It will be interesting to see how the Sharks compare to some of the other brands. All in all, I am quite happy.

    I never would have imagined how good a razor can feel gliding over my face. Shaving is no longer a chore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sensei_kyle View Post
    I've seen several folks recommend holding the handle perfectly vertical, then touching the bar to your face. Slowly elevate the handle away from your face, and you'll feel the blade grab. Just maintain that angle, whatever it happens to be. Use no pressure, just the weight of the razor. I typically stretch the skin & use all the facial yoga I use when straight shaving. For now, just go with the grain.
    Lookup mantic59 on YouTube. He has the best DE instructional videos out there. I don't think he is on this forum but he responds pretty quick to email.

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