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    Quote Originally Posted by sensei_kyle View Post
    I hear ya. I have time until the tax refund shows up. Maybe I can talk myself out of it by then.

    My friend - that EJ is now in your blood. You are running on aquisition disorder - you WILL have that razor come hell or high water!


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    Thanks for the replys. I just started a new job and I'm finding myself a little too rushed in the morning to properly enjoy my straights. So I've been falling back on the DEs. I have my original Progress and I just got a '71 black handled Super Speed last week. I've been eyeing the Merkur HD, but the EJ may have just cut in line. The DEs are generally so much cheaper than a decent straight that it's tempting to buy every one I see.


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    I couldn't agree more about the EJ razor, or about the Merkur blades!

    I LOVE my EJ Classic in ebony; it's classy, smooth, and reasonably gentle for something that can leave my face BBS.

    Merkur blades, however, are NOT for me, or not for my EJ! I bought a blade sampler with my razor, and by far the worst shaves have been from Merkur blades. No major nicks or cuts, but no real shaving either! I would have to make a full four passes, leave myself razor burnt and STILL had little bits of stubble. By comparison, a Derby blade is a two pass max, no razor burn, and leaves me smooth as the day I was born.

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