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    Default New to DE shaving. I like it!

    OK to start off with, I have been looking at everyones posts for a while and at first I thought I would go with the straight razor. But after reading about strops and "shave ready" and 30 degree angles I decided to go with the safety razor. Now, which razor, which blades, which soaps yada yada yada. After reading a many reviews I chose the Edwin Jagger DE89L. It came from a source mentioned here many times and it included 3 packs of various razor blades. I also purchased Feather and Merkur blades. I bought a Simpson "Chubby 1" baddger shaving brush. To start with my soaps I got the Edwin Jagger soap and their after shave balm. Just this week I also ordered two different soaps from Mama Bear.
    The best advice I have put into practice is "to let the razor do the cutting without pressure". I have experimented with short strokes and lond, and with the growth of the beard and against. It is soothing and something I look forward to at least while it's new to me. I have got my 23 year old son involved and he is going to try it this weekend.
    I am still reading what you folks have tried and liked and I want to expand my knowledge and experience of this new shaving technique. Thanks for all the help I have recieved here. I am open for suggestions on soaps, balms, blades, razors etc. so bring it on. Please include where I can find what you mention.

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    Glad you're enjoying it..!

    Check out Connaught Shaving as they sell DE blade sampler packs, so you can try out a whole bunch and see what you like best. Heres their address: Welcome To Connaught Shaving

    In terms of soaps, there are more than you can possibly imagine! JMHO, but check out Trumpers, Tabac, Mitchells wool fat, Mama Bears soaps and Castle Forbes. I have products from all of them and they really are great!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Welcome to SRP! Stuart gave you some great recommendation
    for soaps and cremes, hard to go wrong with those brands. As
    for after-shave preparations, I like Thayer's Alcohol-Free Toner
    (witch hazel based).

    - Scott

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    Default I like it

    Hello, Crazylegs:

    Welcome to Straight Razor Place.

    From what I gather, you are starting with good products. The Edwin Jagger 89L is a sweet double edge razor, and one of the best, I might add.

    You have the idea right: let the razor's weight be the only pressure to add. Shave in passes and don't rush.

    Stuart has given you a fine line of soap and cream recommendations. I will add two more soaps: Provence Sante Verlain and Truefitt & Hill. They are great soaps.

    Connaught, also Stuart's recommendation, is an excellent source for razor blades, among other shaving products. Paul, the owner, is a good man and offers great prices and excellent service.

    For razor blades, it is a good idea to try many. I have through the years and finally settled on Feather and Gillette 7 'O Clock Sharp Edge (yellow packs). These are top of the line blades, both sharp and smooth. Others will have their own favorites. Often razor blades become a matter of individual fit and preference. You will eventually settle on yours.

    So far you are doing great. Keep at it and good luck.

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    Looks like you have very nice setup. The new EJ razors are excellent. There are so many creams and soaps, that you can get recommendations on those for days. For very good and inexpensive products, check out Cella and P.160. I pretty sure Connaughtshaving carries both of them.

    If not the checkout or for them. Both soaps are semi-solid and can be molded into any shaving bowl or mug very easily. The P.160 can be bought in 100-125g "sample" sizes. I bought two of the "samples" and molded them into a wooden bowl. You can check out the P.160 in my SOTD pic from this week and see how it easily fills the bowl.
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    I concur with pretty much all the above, and in particular about Connaught: Paul's a very helpful gentleman indeed. What may not be so well known is that he runs a samples service: little bottles of aftershave and cologne, and small servings of cream to enable you to try products without incurring much of an outlay. If you email him he'll explain how it works.

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    Welcome to SRP...

    From your description, it sounds like you have a nice shaving setup there. EJ DEs and Simpsons brushes are really nice tools of the trade. EJ shaving soap is not a bad choice either. I personally like the Sea Buckthorn.

    Be careful with those Feather blades, though. They have a reputation for being really sharp and in the hands of a new or inexperienced DE user can deliver a nasty nick or cut.

    As for soaps, I would recommend trying the Valobra Soft Shaving Soap. It comes in two fragrances--Almond and Menthol. It can be pressed easily into your shaving mug and creates a really nice lather.

    Take care--and smooth shaving.
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    I use the EJ barlycorn and like feather blades but this time I tried Wilkinson and its a great combination. I like Castle Forbes Cream and really any of the English Milled soap like trumpers and Harris. Thayers witchazel is great stuff especially the superhazel.
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    The ej89L is an excellent razor! I don't like the mama bear soaps much, the scent is super awesome but I find the glycerin based soaps dont have the cushioning that cream soaps like proraso have they also dry out and fade quicker imo.

    Find a blade you like thats not super expensive and stick to it.

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    I started out with a straight razor and then went to a DE. The cost to get the proper honing equipment and restoring razors was getting a tad steep. I completed the razor I was working on then picked up a DE razor.

    They're simple, cheap to maintain (no whetstones to buy) and they shave just fine with good technique. The blade selection thing is one piece of advice to really take in. No matter what reviews say about a particular blade you just won't know for sure until you try it.

    Crystals and Red Pack IP's for me.

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