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    Default Grandad's Paragon DE

    So I went up to visit my Grandparents this weekend who lives a few hours away. Me and my sister were meeting there to take them for dinner, and my Grandad's had a few strokes lately and just left the hospital so it was good to see him before it was too late. Anyways, I needed to shave but forgot to bring a straight razor and asked if he had any, well he gave me a DE called a "Paragon" and has Made in England on it also. I don't think it was something he's had for long though, it has a chrome-like finish and no other markings. Has one slight pit in it but other than that it looks great. I bought some Wilkinson Classic blades for it and some Cremo Shave Cream(wasn't very good, but I had no brush so I'm not really sure) and had a shave. It shaves great, nice and smooth and after a few passes my face was very smooth, same as a straight shave(the result anyway). Just wanted to see if anyone had any info on Paragon, since I can't find anything. Also, what blades should I look for? I wouldn't mind having it as a travel razor or something. Thanks, I'll post pics later.
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    That's neat.

    Was this one of the "brushless" shave creams? My wife bought me some of the Jack Black brushless cream and I wasn't all that impressed. I have some samples of their regular shave cream, I just haven't gotten around to trying yet.

    I tend to feed my Merkur HD blades from Derby & Feather. I don't care for Merkur blades. That's just me, your mileage may vary.

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    Default Grandad's Paragon DE

    Hello, Burns420:

    I have no information on Paragon double edge razors. I assume they were produced by the knife manufacturer Aragon, which is based in North Carolina.

    I have tried scores of double edge razor. My favorites in the end are Feather and Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge (yellow packs). From my reading, a few people like the Merkur blades and most don't. I don't.

    In the end, you'll have to be the judge of what blades work best for you. Would I recommend my favorites? Yes, I would: the ones I mentioned.


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    Hi Burns420

    I have no experience with the paragon razor but very neat you got to use something that belonged to your grandfather (I hope he rovers alright and your able to spend many years with him still)

    With what little research I did I found a similar named straight razor made by the 1865 company Henry & Sons so you may trying checking out that lead if you wish.

    As far as blades like our dear Obie mentioned you will need to try a variety out and find out what works best for your face. Many sellers and distributers of classic shaving gear will have "blade sampler packs" that have a a few of each brand of blade you can try out.

    Good luck and congrats on your fist safety shave

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