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    Is there a way to disassemble a Gillette DE to clean it? I thought there were instructions somewhere on how to do this.

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    Don't make the mistake I once made. I had a Mercur Futur and I soaked it in a strong bleech solution for a few hours. When I took it out most of the plating was gone and it was full of rust. It went straight into the garbage.
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    There were some threads on Badger & Blade (B&B) that linked to site that showed how to dis-assemble a Gillette Adjustable (IIRC it was a Fat Boy)

    I can;t remenber the site (old-age !!), but here are some B& B links that might be of use:

    Restoration help needed for 1940's SS - Badger & Blade
    How do you disassemble a Gillette super speed - Badger & Blade

    IIRC there are two (2) means of securing the thread cap on the TTO - one you can un-screw, the other is squished in place, and has to be forcibly removed

    The easiest, and probably best way to clean Gillette TTO razors is to leave the razor whole, use an ultra-sonic bath.

    Soak the razor overnight in a 1 - 2 % solution of dishwashing detergent (the liquid stuff), then transfer the solution and razor into the ultra-sonic bath. Give it three (3) eight (8) minute cycles, followed by an eight (8) minute cycle in distilled or de-ionised water. Let razor dry thoroughly; you might want to lubricate the TTO threads with mineral oil, though many do not.

    Have fun !

    Best regards

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