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    Ryan, I had been using a cartridge since I was a teenager, with a couple of years of dry shaving with an electric (shudder). I don't know about a straight. I tend to be a bit on the, shall we say, motor skills challenged side of life. My original plan had been to go directly from the cartridge to a straight. It makes the Mrs. a wee bit nervous. Maybe after some time of using the DE with out killing myself it will be something to look into.

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    Using a safety razor isn't bad training for when you pick up a straight, or at least that was my experience. You get to know about things like the grain of your beard and the need to avoid pressure, and maybe a little mild skin stretching. Those things, along with some experience of proper shave preparation and making good lather will stand you in good stead, and make a first attempt with an open razor if not exactly relaxed, a lot less intimidating.

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