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    The Feather DE blades are my 'go-to'... once you use them for a few weeks with the same razor, you will master the pressure and you'll have a hard time using any other blade.

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    I also just tried feather blades this weekend (Gillette flare tip super speed) and what an amazing blade. I have always heard about how unforgiving they were so I was extra careful and it produced one of the smoothest shaves I have ever gotten. No pressure is the key!

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    The Feathers are also my favorite blade. They turn a conservative razor (like a Gillette Super Speed flare tip or Tech) into the smoothest easiest shaver around.

    They are great in the more aggressive shavers like the red tip Super Speeds and Diplomats as well - but Feathers demand more care than the 'average' blade when so much of the blade is exposed.

    Made in Japan these are said to be the "Samurai Sword" of razor blades - I have to agree.

    I've cut myself a few times with these back when I was learning - and never even felt it..(mixed blessing for sure)

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