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    Default help daughter liked my de

    the other day my wife got fed up with those fancy smancy razors being left lying around the bathroom, so she thru them out. My 14y/o daughter need to shave her legs so what was she forced to grab, my gillette de. now i just have to get her to learn to make her lather, instead of the canned goo, and i may just have her hooked.
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    The solution to your problem is simple. Get your daughter a vintage Lady Gillette from the SRP Classifieds for Christmas or her birthday.

    A de blade sampler from a reputable vendor who advertises here at SRP would also be quite nice too.
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    Tell her to get a job and buy her own!LOL

    As a father I know that you might as well get her one of her own before she claims yours, but then again if she absconds with yours you get to find something for you, and that's a good thing! ;-)
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