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    Default wanting to use a de

    well guys i have to straights and quite honestly i just dont have the time to use them. i work in the oil field and need to be clean shaven for the use of an scba if i should ever need it.

    working 14 to 15 hours per day i just dont have the time or desire to shrop and all that jazz. i just want to grab a razor and shave.

    what de razor do you recommend for me and what blades?? any help would be great.

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    Yeah, it can be that way sometimes with work!

    I have a Merkur 34C HD and I use Gillette blades in it which works very well for me. I'd really recommend the Merkur razors as they are very well made and not too pricey.

    In terms of blades, you can get blade sampler packs with a whole load to try and then see which you like. I find I like the Gillette blades, but try a few and see what you prefer.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    +1 on Stubears comments.

    For new-build razors, the Muhle-Pinsells are also very nice razors.

    I personally prefer them to the Merkurs, though YMMV !

    I would recommended you look at the R89, R106/109 closed combs

    ++1 on getting yourself a blade sampler pack; DE blade choices are a very, very personal choice.

    One person can really like a blade, and another really hate it !

    Good luck !

    Have fun !

    Best regards


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    i'm becoming a de nut too.. i have the merkur hd just like stuart... i use feather blades.. but i'm going to start trying different ones soon.. i hear it's very important to use the same blade for a few weeks before switching to something else.. Men's Shaving, Grooming, Skin and Hair Care - West Coast Shaving has sampler packs.

    also.. i love my feather artist club.. check out

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    I don't want to recommend anything as such since I'm only knowledgeable about old Gillette razors, but there are plenty of good new razors on the market to choose from. What I will say is that the blade sampler is pretty much a necessity as we're all different, and you need to find the blades which suit you. Try to give each type a decent trial - at least a week - and when you find one which suits you really well, lay in a good stock of them. If you want a few pointers about specific brands, there's a number of blade threads on this board.

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    Out of the current crop, a hd is a great razor, and a decent price, any vintage gilette will give you a great shave as well.

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    +2 on all the above.

    The right DE with the right blade for your face can be
    as good as it gets.

    Do not skimp on the shave prep. One of the
    secrets behind a fine str8 shave is the soak
    time that many gain while stropping. Wash
    and prelather, strop the blade and then finish
    the lather results in a fine shave for me.
    If I shortcut the prep no blade gives me a good shave.

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    Default Using DE

    Hello, Poundcake:

    These gentlemen have made excellent recommendations. Blade samplers are a logical solution when one is starting out.

    For double edge razors, my favorites are the Edwin Jagger L89 and its rich cousin, the Muhle-Pinsel R89. Both razors have high quality workmanship, and for me, both produce superb shaves. I prefer the closed comb on both.

    Niftyshaving also makes a good point: Good preparation is essential in a good shave, aside of the enjoyment of making luxurious lather and applying it.


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    I personally prefer the new Muhle/EJ razors. I have used DEs quite a bit in the past and have tried Merkur, vintage Gillettes and the Muhle/EJ razors. Each has their fans, but the fit and finish on the Muhle/EJ razors is excellent. I will also say it is certainly neat to pick up a vintage Gillette and use something that was made 40, 50 or more years ago. You can get a good shave from any of them. There is still some learning involved, but since you have been trying a straight, you should be able to pick up the DE quickly. Prep is important. I do recommend limiting the blade rotation until you get your technique down.

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    I would also recommend EJ or Muhle. I really enjoy using my 1948 Gillette.


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