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    Default My Kriss Kross Strop

    I used my auto strop on a Lord DE blade with excellent results. I've read where some say it's more of a novelty and DE blades are not that expensive but I had to try it out.
    I had a blade that was just starting to pull a little. I put the blade in the strop and adjusted it to the first setting. 6 turns and I reversed the blade.
    I must say, I'm really impressed.
    Blades are cheap enough but I'm a tight wad. I can extend the useful life of a blade with just a few turns on the Kriss Kross.

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    I was a De/Se blade user for 2 yrs til my face told me 2 go upgrade 2 str8 razors..anyways..I used to palm strop which worked well


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    I've had good luck with a Twinplex stropper. I don't use DEs any more but I occasionally still use the stropper for my wife's DE blades. It certainly does not restore the blade to new condition but it does extend the life of the blade. I have examined the blades under a microscope and confirmed that the edge is partially restored via the Twinplex.

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