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    Default some DE choices for the ladies

    Hi ladies,

    I know a few women who use a safety (DE) razor with great success. For whatever the reason they decided to at least give that method a try instead of their normal cartridge system. I can offer a few suggestions for a good first razor.

    I'd recommend something not too aggressive, and one with a long handle would be handy. Something like a Lady Gillette version(stars on the razor and made in various colors).) is a good choice. Another would be what's called a long handle 'super adjustable', which comes in your choice of black or black. It's actually a nice looking razor with a shiny silver head. These have the benefit of being adjustable, which is very handy for reasons I won't explain now. There's some info about adjustables to read if you do a forum search.

    The Schick Krona would be fine also, and are usually quite inexpensive. I've heard they shave nicely, if a bit on the mild side(which is fine for starting out). Heh, there's probably other razors I'm forgetting.

    What is crucial to remember about DE shaving is the fact that bad prep(preshave technique) will equal a bad shave. It's an extremely important part of the whole DE thing, and luckily it takes no time to learn.

    For example, my only facial prep consists of 1-2 minutes of hot towel applications. That's it! Some members get a bit more involved, but that's all I need. The idea is for that very sharp blade to whack your wispy gossamer leg hairs in a comfortable and efficient way. The prep sets the tone for what's to follow.

    Hopefully, this post will he helpful to some of you,


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