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Thread: got an old DE!!

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    Default got an old DE!!

    I havent shaved with a DE in over a year. So i was on e-bay dubbing around and got to looking at vintage DE razors,and this 1956 maroon tip Super Speed Gillette caught my eye. I had to have it because thats the year i was born, good excuse to but one!!! It showed up today and i just gave it a ride on my face. The cheeks are BBS 3 passes,up/down/sideways,now the neck i only did a down then up,hard to do a sideways,so the neck and below the jaw is not that great but ok.The neck area is where the STRAIGHT KICKS ASS!!! JMHO

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    Default sweet

    sweet razor, year you were born lol you make me laugh nessmuck i like that excuse. Hope you like it as much as you do straights

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    Nice find, nessmuck. I've been meaning to try one of those out for a while now.

    I actually had a DE shave tonight, too. I have to stop touching my face though, but it's just so smooth....

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    Good find. I just bought a DE travel razor in a metal box for trips.One thing people don't realize is that DE blades are CHEAP on ebay. You can get lots of a hundred or so for a song if you keep your eyes open.

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    I actually love my (given to me as gift) SE Treet thick handle with stainless steel blades which I got my blades from a medical supply shop in socali that's most where to get deals nowadays 100 for $25 shipped :-)..I usually get 2-3 good you can wipe yer SS blades clean as well..just a thought!..


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