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    Has anyone tried the DE heads available through The Golden Nib? I don't use a DE therefore know very little, but my brother wants one and I'm researching for him. I was curious if they were aggressive or mild and any other characteristics about them.
    My brother has extremely sensitive skin and a fairly tough beard. This is one of the reasons for him to switch from PnG blades and canned goo.


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    I also have sensitive skin and very coarse beard..try a Gillete tech safety and try a sample pack of blades...the razor is mild and when u find the right razor..your face us happy!..I like my Israeli Personna blades..very smooth and forgiving compared to others like feathers IMOO..if I may also suggest a single edge razor handle...about $20 and I bought 100 stainless steel blades or even smooth coated blades also me if you want more info :-)


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