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Thread: Apolo DE Blades

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    Default Apolo DE Blades

    In addition to my Feather straight razor, sometime I shave with Edwin Jagger 89 razor with Derby and Astra blades. However, I recently came accross this brand which looks like they stopped Blade production called "Apollo". Based on what I found they made about three blade series.
    Apollo- Pacific

    If anyone had a change to use any of them, please let me know.
    Where did you buy them?
    Thank you

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    Peronally I thought that I had tried every double edge balde ever known to man kind but that one got me stumped.

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    Apollo went belly up decades ago. Any vintage blades you'll find may have corrosion on the edge even if they are still in the wrapper. I see them come up on ebay and they are usually priced from a vintage collectible point of view. Add to that they probably were made before the technology of blade making had improved to the point where they would be a great shave. I have vintage slant DEs made by Apollo and Ben Hur. Good but less aggressive than the Merkur which survives today because it was the best one IMO.
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