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Thread: More aggressive DE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaxolotl View Post
    So I've been shaving with straights for a couple years now and actually found joy in a task that used to be at best a necessary evil. Unfortunately, i love to sleep and often find myself getting up late and without adequate time for a properly paced straight shave in the morning. Thus, I've ben relegated to Mach 3 shaves more times a week than i'd like to admit.

    Anyway, this frustration has led me to pick up my first DEs to be used when i am too lazy (or short on time) to give myself a straight shave. Based on a decent amount of research and a desire to start inexpensive with DEs, i bought a Jagger de89lbl and 1956 super speed.

    I had my first shave using a derby extra on the Jagger and was shocked (in a good way) on the quality of this first shave. I admittedly had a bit of trouble keeping a consistent and effective blade angle but finished the shave thinking "heck, i don't think I could have cut myself if i wanted." so, here is my question...

    Should i already start thinking of picking up a more aggressive (or adjustable) razor (as the shave wasn't as close as my dubl duck 13/16) or should i give it a few more weeks of play before i start looking? If i do decide to get another DE, does anyone have a suggestion of a decent step up in aggressiveness in the <50$us price range?

    Before you respond, keep in mind that I have a slight problem with acquiring shaving supplies and will probably get something in the next month no matter what.

    Also, just replaced my jemico russian with a srd English bridal and am really in love. It's just a joy to strop with it.
    The first step is to get a selection of DE blades.
    The variability from flavor to flavor is much larger than
    I would have expected.

    Important, you have a deluxe shave from your DD-str8. I see no
    problem with a "good enough" shave from the DE. The DE
    gives you the safety net for rushing the shave when you need
    to and taking your time and doing it right when you want to.

    So +2 on try a selection of DE blades first.

    If you have wire for whiskers a slant might be
    a valuable addition. An adjustable adjusts best
    for the skin and less for the whiskers which
    is why I believe testing a good sample of blades is the
    best way to address shaving whiskers.

    I have been watching the discussion on the Feather stainless
    DE razor. While expensive for a DE it is in the same
    ball park as a good str8.

    I like my Merkur Heavy Duty more than my Merkur Futur Adjustable
    (and some 1950's Gillettes). That the adjustable is second
    when compared to the no adjustment three piece just seems odd to me.
    But the point is that what works for you is the answer for you.

    In my limited view DEs like a bit more slippery lather than a str8.
    The extra metal on the skin needs to 'slide' just enough. My
    favorite str8 lather seems to tug and jump with a DE unless I take
    a bunch of time building it correctly. Since you are using a DE
    to speed up the morning consider some shave creams. I like Proraso
    enough to mention it by name. Other bigger name brands also
    deserve a try. The point is that "lathering" cannot be minimized
    just because you are in a hurry and the DE is ready. Face lathering
    is quicker... I also like the scrubby contribution of a boar bristle brush
    when I face lather and am in a hurry.

    BTW, I think you just talked me into buying two new DE razors...
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    Maybe think about a Rolls? Available for well under $50 in excellent condition on the Bay. Shave similar to a straight. Beautiful works of art. Once honed, they're ready to go in the AM, just like a more pedestrian DE or SE.

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