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    Quote Originally Posted by vthomlinson View Post
    thanks for the reply bruce.. your blog has been a good read lately..

    my idea that less sharp blades cause you to apply more pressure and although they don't hurt your face as a sharper blade would.. perhaps they let you fall into the habit of applying too much pressure to employing poor technique.

    so when you do load up a feather or other top of line blade.. you end up destroying your face..
    I don't know because when you shave with a DE you really don't have the feedack you get from a straight so you don't know how things are going unless you feel your skin as you shave. I shave the same no matter the blade and later on I access the job. But either way I don't change the pressure from one blade to another.
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    very good point.. i hadn't taken that into consideration.. i am a feather artist club user.. so the typical "feedback" you hear about is not something i am familiar with ... perhaps i need to try out a traditional straight at some point.

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