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    I have a Merkur Futur, actually 2, and they are nice shavers, but they are probably the closest thing I feel to a staight for feel. They do not flex the DE blade as much as some of the other TTO razors. BTW, Gillette made DE razors all the way up to 1998 which is listed as the end date for DE production. I have a 1977 (date code X-4) which was the start of the Super Adjustable Gillettes with a plastic piece on the bottom of the head. I also have a nearly new 1982 (date code C-1) that gives an excellent shave and easy to adjust. A short while ago, I was outbid on a 1986 Gillette Super Adjustable on ebay. It was a G-2 date code. In 1980 they started all over with A in the date codes, but on these plastic bottom part of the head, 1977 and on, the dagte is inside the TTO area, below where your blade would go. You have to open the doors to see the letter and number stamped in the razor.

    So there should be a Gillette in your birth year out there...somewhere. I have seen them come up very little on ebay. I am speculating that these razors are still being used, or someone has simply put them away in their sock drawer for the time being, not entering in the "estate" sales and other aspects that let razors find their way out to garage sales, antique stores or on ebay.
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    Didn't want to start my own thread so I figured I'd tack on this one. I have started shavung my head, I just can't manage it with the straight so I use my gillette ball tech. I'm looking for something better, I want something solid metal (no wood, plastic, other handle material) could be cromed, stainless, blackened whatever just want the heft and durability of metal. Also I'm looking for an open comb design as I figure it will work better for my head that I sometime let grow out to 1/8 or so. So I'm open to ideas I saw a goodfella razor that seemed to fit the bill and was wondering if anyone had any experience or recommendations.

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