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    Default From Str8 to Safety

    Str8 razor shaving is something you must do religiously.It builds confidence,discipline and develops a good time management skills.I for now would never go back to SR let there be the cats chasing the dogs, visit by will thunder & lightning to the house,Str8 razor shaving will always be mine.

    'Practice make perfect'

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    After much self-beard study, learning to hone my own blades to my own preferences, and two years of working on technique, I've been able to cut my straight to BBS time to about 20 minutes and two passes. However, preparing traditional scuttle-and-badger lather , cleanup and oiling of razor, etc, raises the ante to 30' not feeling rushed.

    A couple of days a week, I have early clinics and on occasion only give myself 15 minutes for a shave. On those days, I do the following:

    1. Use Real Shaving Co. cream, applied with hands and a little water. Saves 5 minutes. Effective if not luxurious lather.

    2. Turn to one of the 50+ SE and DE razors I collected before turning to straights. Like meeting up with an old high school friend. Saves maybe another 5 minues. Unlike some others posting here I find I can economise on stretching/attention/pressure issues without injury. I do the same 2 pass shave, get equivalent results.

    3. Other than running the razor under hot water and pat drying, no other cleanup. Again, 5 minutes saved.

    4. Grab an extra cup of coffee.

    Great shave in half the time. As satisfying as a straight? No, but those extra 15' in bed, sometimes, are worth it.

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