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    I've had the old iKon razors, and also the new ones (both the open comb and the safety-bar version). I also have a Pils SS razor.

    I had two of the old iKons. One was the best DE razor I've ever used. The other was unusable. It just wound up cutting my face to shreds. It had all sorts of issues.

    The new iKons are pretty good, The safety-bar version is too mild, as far as I'm concerned. It feels even milder than a Tech. The open-comb version shaved comparably with the New Deluxe Gillettes I have - that's what the razor was modeled on.

    The stainless construction and finish of the new iKons I had were basically flawless. It was worth more than what I paid for it.

    One caveat with the iKons - I'm not certain what the consistency of the manufacturing is like. It's possible that some of these razors will wind up having problems.

    As to the Pils: It's a nice razor. It is beautiful, and shaves well. That said, I get a comparable shave from many much cheaper DE razors. Basically, the Pils is tooo expensive, and (IMHO) not worth the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMetatron View Post
    ...and I sold it after a few days.

    The build is solid enough, it is machined from steel, of course. I didn't find the open comb very comfortable, and I think the closed comb plate had uneven blade exposure. The weight was nice, but the handle was much too short for me. I sold it to a colleague after a few days, and he's perfectly happy with it.
    My experience is very similar to that of TheMetatron. I had both the open comb head as well as the closed guard head razors (the OC was from teh first production run) and sold them for the same reasons The Metatron did. I then, a while later, decided to get one of the new CNC-machined OC iKons, as I thought I could convince myself to get used to the short but beautiful and heavy handle. Sadly, I couldn't and I sold that one off too. I am also using mostly the Feather AS now because of it's handle length and, despite the solid quality of the iKon, I prefer the cleaner and better finish of the Feather.

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