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Thread: Fatboy HELP!

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    Default Fatboy HELP!

    Hi guys, I am hoping one of you can help me with this one,
    I got a fatboy during the summer and it was in great shape. got it cleaned up and all the dials were turning and working perfectly, (including the 1/4 turn lock)
    but recently, I can't seem to get the 1/4 turn lock anymore. It seizes up once the flaps are down on the blade. The blade does get well tightened into place, but the mechanism won't lock like it used to. I tried putting some oil in the cavities, and it didn't really make any difference.
    I'm really hoping one of you had this problem and found a solution to it.
    Any suggestions are welcome
    thanks in advance!

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    A good, long soak in very hot water with detergent, follwed by soaking for a few days in penetrating oil + heat from a hair dryer might improve things ?

    If you have acess to an ultra-sonic bath, then that would be just the ticket

    There is a discussion of the FatBoy and its dis-assembly at this link:

    Take Down: Fat boy comes apart

    Mr Dave Glynn ( would be a good chappie to ask for advice

    Good Luck !

    Have fun !

    Best regards

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    When the silo doors are closed, there are some threads that are exposed at the base of the handle. Clean those up with a toothbrush, toothpick, or whatever. It should help. If there are hard water deposits in that area, a soak in vinegar water will help too.

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