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    Actually, this subject is becoming depressing. It seems to me that it's getting to the point that a blade's quality is inversely proportional to its availability. So, my stash consists primarily of UK made Wilkinsons, Swedes and Iridium Supers. They'll see me out, and if anyone wants a mention in my will, feel free to PM me. I'm planning on a few more decades yet, mind.

    My current suggestions are:

    Feather: very sharp of course; can cause irritation; deteriorate in a nasty, unpredictable way if you push them too far. Everyone ought to try these because a Feather in good fettle (shave #2 usually in my experience) is a magnificent blade.

    Gillette 7 o'clock yellow: sharp and fairly smooth; very reliable. Ultimately, my preference was for the Iridiums, but these are the closest equivalent I know of.

    Gillette Bleue: sometimes mistaken for Swedes, which they ain't. They shave quite sweetly though with a smooth feel, and are relatively long lasting.

    Red Personna: smooth; consistent; economical; good for three shaves which is fair enough given the typical price.

    A big +1 to all the nice comments about Connaught: Paul is one of the good guys and understands what customer service means. And finally - yes I'm well aware that a lot of you know what's coming and I can hear the groans - when you find a blade which works really well for you: buy a lot of them.

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