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    Default Curious about a DE

    So I have been straight shaving for a little over two years now. I really enjoy it and have no desire to ever stop. I am a bit curious though as to how a DE shave would go. I wouldn't mind getting one for traveling so I don't ahve to haul as much equipment everywhere. But what is the difference/advantage/disadvantages of open comb, closed comb, or slant bar?

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    I'll take a shot at this...however I can't speak for a slant...nevedr tried one.

    Closed comb: The advantage of a CC De razor is the mildness (IMHO). It can be really hard to cut your face even when using some of the sharper blades. I have tried several vintage gillettes and have settled on using a Muhle R106. Great shave...the main disadvantage is that iot takes 3 passes for a BBS (if you care about that), and also when you have heavier growth it tends to tug more on the first pass.

    As for open comb...I only have SE razors (GEM Lather Catcher and an Auto Strop). However I find they shave far more agressive than closed comb. After 2 passes there is almost nothing left to shave. Also I find that the shave lasts about 15 hrs longer than a shave with a closed comb. The disadvantage is it's easier to cut yourself...then again i use the scarier looking razors.

    From what I know, the slant is wicked aggressive, and if you dont handle it right it will take off a lot of skin (but which razor wouldn't?). But it shaves really well and requires less passes as it is more aggressive.

    With you comming off of straights, I don't think you'd have a problem with any of these. I haven't used a straight so I don't know what to recommend.

    I hope this helps...Good luck!

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    Default Curious about a DE

    Hello, 8BallAce:

    I shave with the straight razor, but I also throw the double edge in the rotation, which is probably once a week, sometimes twice. When in a rush, I always turn to my double edge. That does not mean I rush my double edge shave. No, not at all. It's just that shaving with the double edge is a touch faster for me.

    I am down to five double edge razors in the rack. All have the safety bar (closed comb). The open comb razors are a touch more aggressive. I have never shaved with the slant I don't like the symmetry of it, for starters and, therefore, cannot give you an opinion.

    My travel wet pack includes two 4/8" straight razors occasionally a Feather Artist Club replacing one of the straights and a little Merkur travel razor for backup. By the way, I have switched the Merkur shave head with a Muhle-Pinsel.

    Almost all the rules of straight razor shaving apply to the double edge: proper preparation, light pressure, proper angle, some stretching, and care. Also, avoid repeated strokes over the same spot, as this will promote razor burn and irritation.

    I have gone through a range of Merkur razors. The only one I have kept is the 38C "barber pole." I don't much care for the old Gillettes. The double edge razors I recommend are: Edwin Jagger, Muhle-Pinsel (they share the same shave head made by Muhle) and Feather. I don't have Joris, Ikon, Pilz and some of the others, so not much to say about them. The Weishi is way too mild for me, so not much to say about that either.

    For blades, from the scores of brands I have used through the years, I recommend Feather, Gillette Sharp Edge (yellow packs), "Red Pack" Persona, Super Iridium and Derby. For me, nothing matches Feather. Other shavers will recommend different brands, I am sure. That's how it is with double edge razor blades: it's mostly personal preference.

    Also, as a rule, I switch blades after the third shave, even the Feather. I believe, from personal experience, that the blade's two edges decline after the third shave. By the way, I do have a heavy beard.

    That's all I can think of right now. I do recommend having a double edge or two around. I like the double edge.



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    Getting a DE is a great choice. They provide a shave very comparable to a straight razor. Many feel that while the shave can be as close it will not last as long as a straight shave. However the upside is you can generally get a quicker shave from a DE.

    These gentlemen have provided some fine info on the open/closed comb models, so I'll touch on the slant. The built-in blade angle cuts with a guillotine (or dare I say scything) motion, which of course we always recommend doing to achieve a close shave with a straight razor. This will give you a very close shave, at the added risk of cuts and irritation to the uninitiated. But keep in mind that you've also been shaving with a SR for 2 years; the dangers that exclusive DE users associate with the Slant will be fairly minimal to those of us who dig the straight.

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    There's lots of great advice here, but I'll add a few things. Once you've been shaving with a DE for a while, you can shave really quickly so it's good for travelling or if you don't have much time to shave. Also, with sharp blades an ATG pass can be fairly quick and get a comparable shave. If you're coming from straights I would suggest you get a heavy-duty or longer DE razor so it's an easier transition. Merkurs with feather or personna blades are excellent starters.

    Have fun!

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    I just added a DE to my rotation (Merkur Classic 1904) and found almost no learning curve. Keeping the four tenets of SR shaving in mind (skin prep, angle, light pressure, and stretching the skin, though the safety bar will help with this), I got a fantastic shave. No cuts, no razor burn. Definitely consider adding one to your collection.

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