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    Default After 31 days the best shave yet

    I started using a DE 31 days ago and I keep learning every time I shave. I have been wet shaving for several years but decided to finally get a DE and give it try. After paying $11 for a pack of cartridges which would last me about 4 months and not really get a close shave. I figured it up and that would buy DE razors for a year. I was using Williams Shaving Soap but it dries out before I can finish a complete pass. I then got VDH at Walmart and it was irritating and I had several nicks. I finally got some C.O. Bigelow today and had the most comfortable and closest shave to date.

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    Good for you, it sounds like you're coming along well and starting to get better every shave. Creams are wonderful to build a lather with, however, once you master lathering with good quality soaps, you can get just as good a lather if not better than creams. I enjoy using both. Williams is not one of the best soaps available but it will lather very well once you get the hang of it. Keep at it and happy shaves!

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    Very nice. I am using williams wool fat and love it. I myself have been shaving with a DE for a short while and have been getting some fantastic shaves in the past week or so. I know how it feels when it all comes together for a good shave. Also try out some other blades, I picked up a variate pack from west coast shaving. Cheep and lots of different blades. Beats the heck out of paying what you do for a cartridge refill.

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