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    Default Another Positive Merkur 38C Experience!

    Hey Guys,

    It seems the 38C is the recent star of this sub-forum so here's my 2 cents worth! I finally used my 38C for the first time this morning after owning it for over a week and I really liked it! While Iíve only been DE shaving for about a month, the 38C with a fresh Derby performed great, resulting in a BBS with 3 passes! I have been using the 23C since my introduction to WSíing, and I can honestly state there is a markedly different feeling between it and itís big brother! They both have similar heads, so that wasnít a shocker, but the difference in weight is noticeable. I donít want to scare any Newbs into thinking the 38C is too much, because it isnít ungainly due to its extra heft, just a different feel.

    I bought the 38C thinking I would prefer the extra heft of the fat handle, and I donít think Iíll have any problems adjusting, but now that Iíve tried it I might actually prefer the lighter weight 23C! Iíll continue to use the 38C for a few days before I pass my final judgment, but I suppose worse things could happen than having 2 great razors to choose from!

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    I got one of those a couple of months ago. It's great. I use it when I don't have quite enough time to use my straight razor properly.

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    When I first started DE shaving the 38C and Derby blades were my favorite too. I have since found better blades that make me even happier, though Derby's are still very serviceable. I'm sure once you find "your" blade you'll be more than happy too.

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