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    Default CVS SE Blades

    Now I may have just gotten a bad blade but it is the first out of a 10 pack I just bought at CVS. Historically, I've never had very good luck with the CVS SE blades but the present incarnation seems remarkably substandard. In the past, even the worst SE blades could easily do at least 5 shaves without pulling. On some I got up as good as 15 shaves with a good hand stropping prior to each shave. The one I'm currently using was great day one, deteriorating on shave 2 and tomorrow will tell the tale on shave 3. I haven't decided if I even want to give it a go. Life is way too short to shave with crappy tugging razors (regardless of variety.)

    Not sure what it looks like where y'all live but here, local sources for SE blades are getting pretty sparse. Six months to a year ago, Walmart, Walgreens and just about any grocery store carried them in the shaving section. These days though, I only seem to see them at Sweet Bay Super Market and CVS. Oddly enough, the cheaper ones at Sweet Bay seem to be a lot better quality than the $4 for a 10 pack that CVS sells. The good news of course is that for .40 a blade, I can pretty easily justify chucking one even if it only does two good shaves. As much as I hate to concede defeat, I may just have to order the 200 pack of Ted Pellas on line.
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    Check the country of manufacture and tell them
    with a letter that they have a quality problem. All these guys
    buy against a contract and purchase order specifications.
    The buyer gets the lowest price bid...

    One thing that works is to attach a receipt from
    the competitors store. i.e. make it clear that
    you vote with your wallet.

    I always buy a bag of other stuff when I go shopping
    so knowing that store "A" has a bad razor will
    make me drive to store "B" ..... Products that
    bring you into the store are key products.

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