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    Smile Merkur "1904" 42C

    I just picked up a new Merkur 42C "1904"(closed comb). It was one of the least expensive razors in the Merkur line, and it uses the same head as the HD model. I liked the nostalgic faceted style handle on it, that even though only 3 inches in length , gives a good grip. It is noticeably more "aggressive" than my Edwin Jagger DE89(very mild razor). I guess the safety bar on the Merkur shows more blade. I shaved twice with it so far using an Astra superior platinum blade, both shaves were good. I think the shorter handle is nice for going across the grain, where it can be easier to manouver. I am wondering if anyone else has tried a 1904 with good results? bad?

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    Hello Muguster:

    The Merkur 1904 razor, based on the old Gillette model, is a cute little razor. I no longer have mine, but if I remember, I found it just a bit too short even for my small hands. I think its the same length as the Merkur travel razor when assembled. If you do like short and little razors, then you can't go wrong with the 1904.



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    Tis a good razor...
    You may want to play with a selection of
    blades again to find a pairing that works
    best for you.

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    The 1904 is a nice little razor; if you can get the open comb (OC) head (either the Merkur or the Muhle, they are the same) , it also is a nice, albeit mild shaver.

    The OC head will also fit onto the handle of your EJ89.

    Being a three peice, it is very good for use when travelling.

    Have fun !

    Best regards


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