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Thread: What's under the chrome?

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    The WEISHI Twist-To-Open (Chinese replica Gillette's - I believe) use a Cuprum Alloy (a form of Bronze - good solid weight) with a Noble Metal Electrolosis for the 9306 series and an aluminium alloy for the 2003M razors - very light.

    In fact I used a 9306 (mine is in matt chrome) this morning with a Wilkins Sword (UK factory) this morning and was plesantly suprised again it is truely an extreemly gentle razor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muguser View Post
    The chrome finish on the Edwin Jagger DEs is top quality. The only other razor i have that gives it a "run for the money" in the finish department would be a Gillette President ( Rhodium handle I think?)
    IIRC the 1950s Executive was the only American made Gillette that was Rhodium plated. Referring to the first edition of the Executive that came in a clamshell case with a mirror and blade packs. The President is a beautiful razor though. I had one and sold it. Maybe it was nickel plated rather than chrome ? I don't think it was Rhodium though. Of course the British Aristocrat Gillettes were.
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