Hello, KidFrost:

Wet shaving products abound. Here are some thoughts:

Creams: Truefitt & Hill, Geo F Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Castle Forbes, Institute Karite, Coates and D.H. Harris are some of the quality products out there.

Pre-shave: My favorite is Castle Forbes.

Aftershaves: Here you run into a bigger consideration on personal taste. I don't care for the designer fragrances. The aftershaves I use are: Spanish Leather by Truefitt & Hill as well as Geo F Trumper; Woods of Windsor; Penhaligon's aftershaves; Castle Forbes aftershaves; No. 6 by Caswell-Massey; No. 74 Victoria Lime by Taylor of Old Bond Street; Pasha (an old British barbershop scent); Royal Copenhagen; English Leather; and Pinaud's Clubman. There are many more.