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    Default Gillette Adjustable is stuck

    Can anyone tell me how to free the adjustment mechanism in a Gillette Adjustable razor? The dial turns, but the blade gap is stuck at an approximate setting of "7".

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    I know those contraptions are mechanical things, so I would say WD 40? Flush it out good and see. There might be dried lather or a hairball in it! I don't think it would hurt to try. I suppose it will come apart somehow to clean?

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    Hello, Troutwhisperer:

    The razor is probably overclocked. Take the dial to where it stops. Then with a pointed object push in the the little spring in the tiny slot and turn the dial in the opposite direction. That should do it.



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    There are several instructionals on how to dismantle those that will turn up from a Google search, but I can warn you from personal experience be VERY CAREFUL with the little tiny spring behind the adjuster ring. It's a little leaf spring and there are no new ones available. Anywhere. If you break it you might get lucky and find a razor in worse condition to salvage it from, but good luck. What some people do to clean out the internals is boil them in a pot of water and/or soak them in very hot water with a little dish detergent (soak for a few hours). Failing that you'll need to dismantle the unit and clean it manually. See warning above. Now read it AGAIN!

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