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Thread: What is the best DE razor?

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    Default What is the best DE razor?

    I find that at this time of my life I can't really fit straight razors into my routine. However I have moved away from cartridge razors and canned foam and want to take my DE shaving to the next step.

    What is the best DE razor? Feather or Merkur?

    Let me know the pros and cons.

    I have a Merkur Slant 39C and a Edwin Jagger DE89L I like the EJ day to day and the 39C when i need to take off several days growth.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

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    With DE razors and DE blades, I think it is more what you find works best for your beard type.

    Mostly, I believe it is personal preference and trial to find the right combination for you.

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    My favorite is the Merkur 37or 39C slant. I also like the old Barbasol, the Gillette "New" Big Fellow, and the British Gillette Rocket. Any of those with a Feather or preferably a Gillette 'Swede' except I don't think you can get the Swedes anymore. Not sure, I haven't shaved DE in a couple of years.
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    Grump is right, in my eyes. What feels good for one may not feel good for another.

    That said, the general consensus seems to be that the Feather is the best. But it's also 200 bucks, which pretty much guarantees that I'll never have one.

    I have two safety razors myself- a Merkur 34C and a 1966 Gillette adjustable. I find the Merkur to be smoother on my face, while the adjustable can become a bit more aggressive (and give me a better shave.) So the Gillette wins by a small margin for me.

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    Which is the best? Why the one you have on hand of course. I use a Merkur HD 34c. I don't know if it's the best, but with some Astra, Treet or Feather blades, it suits me just dandy.


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    I would also consider trying an SE safety razor; the vintage GEM & Ever-Ready's came in a variety of models, and when paired with the GEM PTFE Coated Stainless blades are (for me) the best shaving safety razors I have ever used

    All of the GEM/Ever-Ready's are well priced in the United States, usually running at prices much lower than vintage Gillettes.

    The 1912 would be a good model to start with.

    For DEs, try a vintage Gillette New Open Comb; they shave superbly and are priced well

    Good luck !

    Have fun !

    Best regards

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    My favorite:

    Gillette Aristocrat with Wilkinson Sword blades.

    "Cheap Tools Is Misplaced Economy. Always buy the best and highest grade of razors, hones and strops. Then you are prepared to do the best work."
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    Shoki: The best double edge razor does not exist. At least I don't think so. What does exist, however, is the best double edge razor for the individual shaver. I have two Gillette Aristocrat razors my friend Otto has posted a photo of the Aristocrat. That is one of my preferred razors. So are the Edwin Jagger "Chatsworth" barley and the 89L. So is the Muhle 39R. I have a collection of other Gillettes, including the Fatboy, and they are passable and I can do without. I still have a like and dislike relationship with the Pils. I love the Feather all stainless steel. Which is the best of all of these? The best is that which I prefer and there are several of them.
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    1955 Gillette Diplomat is my favorite in the DE world. Add a Feather blade and man-o-man what a shave.

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    What Obie says. Personally I like my Merkur 37c over the nice old Gillette slim I have. But after I started straight shaving they haven't seen much use at all. Twice in three months.

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