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Thread: My fisrt safety razor find

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy8days71 View Post
    I decided to try out the red tip. This is the first time using a safety razor. Washed face, hot wet towel for couple minutes. Lathered face with saving soap. Went slow and easy. End result was a very smooth shave with a half dozen cuts. Finished off with Meehans Bay Rhum. Why the cuts?
    The Red Tip is aggressive. You may want to get your technique in shape before picking up that bad boy.

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    I agree with dimaondtim. I have a Red Tip and it is a lot more aggressive than some of my other razors. I found a 1962 Slim Adjustable a while back at an antique store and got it for $8.00 It has some old shave soap on it, but once I cleaned it up with my vibrating tooth brush (that I use for such only) hot water and some Q-Tips, it came out nearly spakling and gives a great shave with the right selection of blade. Blades can make all the difference in the world, and getting something smooth and sharp helps a lot. Personna makes the domestic (US) Lab and Med Prep blades, and you can get the Israeli verison online as well. They have served me well for close and comfortable. You might be surprised at how different that Red Tip does shave though if you use something like the Personna or some of the Russian made blades of different markings.

    Then, you can always go to and pick up a very mild DE razor, either the TTO Feather for around 19.00 or the Wilkinson Sword for a little less. Both hold the blades well and give nice shaves, and a lot less agressive than the Red Tip.
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