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Thread: Is there that much difference between safety razor brands?

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    Dang, that's a helluva score for $90. I have three safety razors, a new EJ 89, a '50 Aristocrat, and a '64 Super Speed. While they all feel a little different to shave with, they are all similarly mild razors. As to blades, I must be thick but I can hardly tell any difference from one to another although I mostly now use Astra SPs and Walmart Wilkinsons.

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    Use a parker 98R versus a merkur bakelite. That'll tell you exactly what you want to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otherstar View Post
    To answer your original question: yes, DE brands shave differently. I've not tried Parkers, but I have a few Merkurs and vintage Gillettes and none of them shave alike. I've also found that the blade you use changes the shave as well. I've used a DE exclusively for the last 3 years and only recently started using straights. I would avoid the medical prep blades myself...I've not heard good things about them. The Merkur blades are OK, but not the best I've ever used. I personally prefer the Astra Superior Platinum, but those are a fairly sharp blade. Derby blades are a good middle of the road blade. There are lots of options and no brand works the same for everyone, the same can be said for the razors themselves.
    +1 As they say , YMMV

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    Hello Costabro. To answer your original question "Is there that much difference between safety razor brands" yes there is. Each brand has its own characteristics and will give you a different shave. Add to that the blade used, then the difference grows even bigger.

    I have a dozen Edwin Jagger and Muhle razors, in different models, and all give me a superb shave. They are pure silk. All use the Muhle shave head. The blades I use for these razors are: Feather, Super Iridium, Gillette 7 O'Clock "Sharp Edge," Personna and Derby.

    The Pils, a stainless steel razor German razor, is an engineering marvel and an exquisite shaver. It's in its own class. I have used the same blades I note above and kept on smiling all day. This is a heavy razor, and the shave head feels like a small block of steel on the face. The razor is habit forming, but it takes a few days to get adjusted to the slightly different angle you must use to shave with it. The going price for it is $239.

    The all stainless steel Japanese Feather is in its own class, as well. I find the razor milder than the Pils. The Feather is also a sweet delight. For me, it works best with Feather and Super Iridium blades.

    I find the Merkur razors good shavers, but they lack the silk in the Edwin Jagger and Muhle models. I have had various models through the years. The Progress is the only one remaining in my collection. For me, they rank below the Edwin Jagger and Muhle razors. Others will disagree and that's fine. I am not all that fond of the Merkurs, but they are quality razors.

    I've had several Parker razors. The workmanship on these razors is passable. Some of them are aggressive and some not. The only one I have these days is the 99R TTO, which I find mild and acceptable.

    The iKon, also stainless steel, has a model which is almost a clone of the Pils. These are good razors. Today I sold my only iKon, the OSS, dual headed razor one side is open comb and the other with a safety bar. This is an interesting razor. I used the open comb for the first pass and the closed for the rest.

    The French-made Jorris, another gorgeous razor, is an open comb, and considered quite aggressive. It, too, is on the pricey side. This razor has an equal number of fans and detractors. It must be experienced individually.

    I find the Weishi, the Chinese-made razor, the mildest of the whole bunch. I chose not to waste my time on it.

    The Gillettes have fans all over the place. I have never been a fan, really, except of the Aristocrat. For me, the modern razors are much better shavers. Here, too, others will disagree with me and that's also fine.

    Double edge razors will shave differently in different hands even the same models. So you must experience each individually to find your preference. As for blades, yes, there are far superior blades to the Merkur.

    Stay well.
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    Just to throw another log on the fire:

    . . . Has anyone tried a Weber razor? --

    Products | WeberRazor

    Thanks --

    . Charles

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