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    Default Can you ID this safety razor?

    I'm looking for a razor from Germany, 1918 or earlier (Imperial Germany) that could be used for re-enactment purposes. I'd like a genuine razor, but need some help dating this one. Name:  ppp1.jpg
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    This is my first time posting attachments, so if you need larger photos, I'll work on it. No year can be found on it.

    Also, if anyone can suggest GENUINE WW1/Imperial German safety/straight razors, I'd be SUPER thankful


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    I haven't seen any mention of a Klaas safety razor pre 1922...

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    I wonder if the Klaas razor has anything to do with the Kissing Crane knives. very simular logo. I too have to agree with ryan. I did not see anything pre 1922 for these. But I can be google-challenged sometimes.

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