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Thread: Had a great shave today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbtusa View Post
    I get the Wilkenson's cheap at Walmart: $1.50/10 blades. They work fine for me; just a little harsh.
    My Target no name DE blades -- about the same price have been
    giving me rather nice shaves. A good shave soap helps.
    The nice thing is that the dispenser has room for about twice
    maybe three times more used blades then it comes with.
    Tag team it is....

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    Blades are definitely YMMV. I find Feather's way to sharp. Astra's are my favorite blade: sharp, smooth, and long-lasting. I can usually get 10+ shaves from an Astra. Derby blades are good, but I can only get 5-7 shaves out of them and they are not near as sharp as Astras. Sharks are in-between the two for me.

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    I think, if I tried every DE blade out there by the time I finished I wouldn't remember which worked the best. I've come to the conclusion among the ones I've tried (probably 10 or so) feathers are the sharpest and the best and if I alter my shave technique a bit from razor to razor with those blades I have the best of all worlds. Of course I don't have that many razors just the EJ Chatsworth, the feather,the fatboy and a Muhle open comb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    I think, if I tried every DE blade out there by the time I finished I wouldn't remember which worked the best.
    Actually, to combat that very issue I started a spreadsheet, ranking various aspects of razor/blade combos on a scale of 1-10. Silly, I suppose, but effective. Similar to a honing journal, perhaps.

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