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Thread: First DE and now I have questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by KindestCutOfAll View Post
    Ok, a sample pack it is.

    I'll order a sample pack. I found one with feather and other blades (about 40) for about $20. Since I usually shave with a straight this should last me about a year. After they are gone I should have a preference in blades.

    Any thoughts on adjustable versus non-adjustables?

    Since I haven't had any input on the NYSC shave cream and balm, I'll post a review after I try them.

    Thanks to all of you for your input.
    I like non-adjustables because there are two razors set just like I like them. The Merkur 34C is middle of the road, not too mild and not too aggressive. The Merkur 37C (slant) is the best razor I have ever used but sometimes I don't want something as aggressive as that.

    I have one of each, which covers all my needs and desires.

    For blades, my favorites are Medical Personna and Astra Superior Platinum, because I have never had a bad one. Occasionally I like to flirt with a little more aggressive blade so on those occassions I use Feather. I never had a bad one of those either.

    With a DE razor I like a shave stick with a best badger brush. (When I shave with a straight I'll take a thicker soap or cream with a silvertip badger brush.)

    Part of the fun of this is figuring out what works for you.

    Anything beats the shaving equipment you find at a drug or department store. My face was riding on 40 years of bad road when I was using that stuff.

    Straight razor shaver and loving it!
    40-year survivor of electric and multiblade razors

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    Razors and blades are very YMMV, but in terms of blades, in general, if your beard is very thick and wiry (as in individual hairs are very thick and strong), you'll probably want a blade on the sharper end of things like a feather, astra, or maybe one of the Gillettes ( yellow, blue, or black pack). If you have a softer beard and sensitive skin, you'll want a milder blade like a crystal, shark, or maybe even a derby.

    As for vintage razors, vintage Gillettes can still be had pretty reasonably in a lot of cases ( techs are very mild, and most superspeeds are medium to mild). In vintage, an adjustable Gillette comes in 3 basic types. The fatboy is the oldest (and most expensive by far)and has a larger head which some like, but many don't. The "slim" is a very well made razor and almost universally well viewed. Many also like the "super adjustable", which is similar to the other two, but 1 setting milder (a 5 on it is like a 4 on a slim or fatboy), and comes in a long handle version which is popular with some shavers. Open comb razors are generally older ( pre 1950s), and the majority are of the "old" and "new" type. They are considered somewhat agressive by some shavers, but aren't anythign crazy, especially if you're used a straight. In terms of price, a superspeed or tech with some scuffs ans scratches can be had for as little as like 10 bucks if you look around on forums or Ebay. An open comb maybe 15-30, with old being cheaper than new in general. Slims are around 25 last I checked, super adjustables are 20ish, and fatboys often are as much as 50+ Those are prices for user grade. near mint, boxed, or NOS can run into the hundreds easily, especially on more desirable models. If you want a vintage piece, Id' suggest a superspeed or a slim to start, but almost all the old gillettes are great razors.

    In terms of new razors the Merkur HD head is very similar to the head of the EJ89 and Muhle, and that "head" is the most popular modern razor by far (even the merkur progress adjustable uses it more or less). The futur is a *VERY* agressive razor ( it is the same on 1 that a vintage gillette slim is on 7, as I recall), but is very popular with many shavers, so aggression isn't the entire story. If you want a modern fixed head, an HD is a great starter ( as are the similar Muhle and EJ versions). if you want adjustable, the progress will serve well, and if you want to try something a bit different that many swear by, pick up a progress. They're all great razors.
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    Thumbs up

    The NYSC Shave Kit came in the mail Monday. Full reviews on the individual items will be posted later in the appropriate forums.

    I had my first DE shaves yesterday and today. The shave obviously was not as close as a SR, but still very good.

    The blades were Personna Platnum (Fantastic for a first blade). I'll try Feathers and a few others, but I certainly lucked out. It is great for a first blade.

    I liked the New York Shave Company DE. It felt a little handle heavy, but not too much. Everything is solid built.

    The shave went well. The razor itself gave a squeegee shave.

    No face rash at all. A couple of very small nicks, but I have to admit that when I started shaving with the DE it was so smooth that I added more pressure. So the nicks were my fault and came early on.

    The NYSC Tonsorial Shave Cream scent was light. The cream itself was very heavy. I had to add more water than normal, but it lathered great and the 4 Oz. tub will probably last at least 6 months or even most of the year. It cushioned the shave very well.

    The Tonsorial Aftershave Balm was the very nice. It is light, and lasted me 12 to 16 hours.

    Thanks to you all for your imput.

    Note: DE shaves are great. Between Straight and DE razors I will NEVER use another Multi-blade/plastic/$$$/Waste of time razor again. I will probably pick up a couple more DEs in search of the best one for travelling and running late for work, but it looks like I will not develop DEAD. I will remain a devout Straight Razor shaver.
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    May your lather be moist and slick, the sweep of your razor sure, and your edge always keen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldsCool View Post
    Probably a good idea to get a blade sampler pack like Bullgoose and West Coast Shaving and others sell.
    Do you have Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving? Indispensible. Definitely want to gather different blades to sample. I didn't believe it would make as much difference but it does. First tried a Merkur Futur set to 1 and a Merkur stainless. I felt like I'd shaved with a skin grafting machine. Tried several gillettes including the first one I'd ever used around 1970 (Gillette Super Adjustable) again, and heard wonderful things about the Feather AS D1 which is my go-to razor, with Feather blades, although I also like several others, like blue Personas and Gillette 7 o'clock russians. All this in four months. I'm not an addict, I'm committed.

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