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    Default Wilkinson Swords Revisit in a R41

    Last week I received my large sampler pack in the mail. One of the reason I ordered it was so I could test the European version of the Wilkinson Swords (WS) Stainless blades as well as a bunch of other blades people have talked about.
    The first 2 I have used are the European WS and the Wal-Mart WS that I still had in my shaving bag. They ended up feeling the same.

    When I first used the WalMart WS they tugged and nicked me like blood and pain was going out of style. This time in my trusty R41 they ended up giving an okay shave. They're not the smoothest or sharpest, but they didn't nick or tug this time. It may be that these blade require a perfect blade angle and pressure to get a good shave out of.

    All said and done these are not going into my rotation, but at least I can now go into any Walmart and know I can get a pack of usable blades.

    It's worth going back and trying stuff that is available but was something that you though were crap. If it's something you have to order online don't bother testing again unless you feel it didn't get a fair shake the first time you tried it.

    TL: DR Tried Wilkinson Swords again in my R41 and they didn't nick or tug. The English ones feel the same as the Walmart ones.
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    It was my understanding the European Wilkinsons were made in Germany. Well, wherever they were made in Europe I had a bunch and still do. I find them to be OK whether in my feather or EJ Chatsworth or Muhle 41. I rate them as get the job done quality. I'll still take the feathers any day in any razor except the open comb. They're too aggressive for me there.
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    I've used several different DE's with Wilkinson blades. Most gave sub par shaves. The early 60's Gillette Tech Travel I had, however, shaved like a dream with those blades.

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