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Thread: Saying hello and help with what type of razor.

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    As others have said, it seems to be a gold ball end tech. Put in a blade, and give it a go. You will probably like it. It is a very mild shaver compared to most DEs. Just remember no pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoughBoy68 View Post
    Once you try a vintage Gillette you will kiss cartridge razors 'Good-Bye' forever! I shaved with a Gillette Trac II for 35 years, got tired of the high priced cartridges and tried a vintage Gillette. After about 6 months I tried a str8, now I deal with RAD as in 5 DEs and 36 str8s.....................
    I certainly agree with your assessment of multiblade cartridge razors. My face started feeling better instantly when I went with the double edge, single edge, and straight razors. In other words, one blade.

    I've been wondering for about a couple of years now, just what it is about the multiblade razors and canned goo that left my face chapped all the time. I think if you have two blades your face gets two passes in one, increasing the chances of irritation. I also think the canned goo does not protect your face. When you use canned gel it gunks up between the blades and forces you to press harder, causing more irritation.

    I just can't get over what a difference it has made to use the retro shaving equipment. It feels great!

    Straight razor shaver and loving it!
    40-year survivor of electric and multiblade razors

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