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    Quote Originally Posted by coachschaller View Post
    Only if your skin can handle it.

    I do 4 passes, but with absolutely no pressure and then touch up where necessay. Let the weight of the razor do the work and take it slow on the ATG. If you apply pressure you will get irritation, especially when doing multiple passes.

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    I do a 3 pass WTG, XTG, ATG, but I know there are a few spots under my chin. I then spot lather and use some j-hook or buffing strokes to get rid of the rough patch.

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    I disagree. I feel DE razor shaving is a great intro to straight edge razor shaving. It's a great intro to undertstand razor shaving in general. You can learn all about hair growth patterns, brushes, shave creams and soaps, pre-shave products and technique, lathering technique, post-shave products and technique.

    Straight razor shaving takes some practice to do correctly so I take my time and progress slowly and thoroughly, enjoying the journey. When I have time I just do my cheeks, and what areas I can acomplish safely with the straight. What do you then do with what's left? Use a nice DE to finish!

    When I need quicker shaves the DE razor is perfect for a closer and smoother full shave. At least better I feel than the other alternatives. I feel my face is getting more used to razor shaving also. Also the DE shaving area complements straight razor shaving within the broad area of wet shaving. It's cool to collect beautiful looking, historical and even new DE razors and experience the different way they feel and shave. Then you have all the different blades to try also.

    If the straight razor shave is really the nirvana of shaving I'm looking forward to getting there and experiencing all sorts of razor shaving on the way.

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    Is there a need for 4 passes? Yes if you are going for your marriage.
    I thing depends from your skin and your DE (open-closed comb) style
    I do the 4th pass only when it is time to test a new shaving cream or soap.If you have left a lot of hair after 3 passes and you expect from the 4th to solve the problem i thing something goes wrong with your razor blade or generally speaking your shaving technique.

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