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Thread: Pils-Feather-EJ Chatsworth-whats in a name?

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    Default Pils-Feather-EJ Chatsworth-whats in a name?

    I know this has been discussed before but I figured I'd weigh in on these 3 heavy weights having used them all.

    I used the three with 3 blades a feather, an (old) Iridium Super and a Wilkinson (German). This part is easy, though the blades gave different results I got the same shaves with all three razors. So the feather (for instance) gave the same results in all three razors and so on with the other blades. All three gave BBS shaves and the degree of stubble 24 hours later seemed to be the same to me. The blades where what changed things a tad in feel and stubble degree but to tell you the truth the degree was minimal. Having said that I don't have a really hard beard type. No swirls or crazy patterns just straight thick whiskers. Feathers are really my go to blade in all my DEs.

    So if you are only concerned with which razor gives the best shave my advice is read no further and get the cheapest which is the Chatsworth.

    The real difference here is the form-function equation. The Pils is a real looker in an industrial way kind of like an architectural work of art. Because of that ergonomics take a back seat. it's a very heavy razor and though it seems to be balanced in the hand, as you use it it is very apparent it's way heavy on your face. Additionally the small round handle can get lost in your hand (and I don't have a big hand or fingers). Also since it's is so well machined and smooth it can get really slippery and almost get away from you. I wouldn't call it clumsy in the hand but it ain't exactly fleet of foot either. But it sure looks good in it's stand.

    The Feather is the exact opposite where Function was paramount. The thing isn't quite as heavy as the Pils but the balance is perfect and becomes an extension of your hand and works effortlessly and can be precision maneuvered easily. The handle sits securely in the hand. This baby ain't going anywhere you don't want it to go. For what it is it's a handsome razor with it's satin finish but in a workmanship kind of way. It won't win any beauty contests.

    The Chatsworth is right in the middle. It's a great looking razor more in an artsy way that the Pils and its ergonomics are superior to the Pils but not as good as the Feather.

    Also the technique for shaving with each is really very different as far as angle goes and you really have to be mindful of the pressure with the Pils because of it's weight.

    To get better results you have to go with the R-41 which beats all three but that's a different story for a different time.

    No pictures here. I think you all know what they look like.
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    As with brushes the higher the cost doesn't mean the better the equipment.

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    I really do like the Feathers blade, but the cheap ones do sometimes do good aswell

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    Thebigspendur, my dear friend, the Edwin Jagger "Chatsworth" series is a hit for me. Currently I have the ones in the faux ivory and the faux ebony handles. Yes, this series is not only lovely to look at, but the shaves are a delight. Actually, I have eight Edwin Jaggers in a variety of models and love everyone.

    The Feather is another delight. Balance, grip and the shave come together nicely. The workmanship is also top quality. I tried the Pils twice before finally giving up on it. Despite its superb workmanship, the Pils felt like a sledgehammer against my face.

    For the Feather, I use Feather and Super Iridum blades. The Edwin Jaggers, the Muhles, the Merkurs and the Gillettes all share among Feather, Super iridum, Gillette 7 O'Clock yellow packs, Personna red packs and Derby. I have tried a wide range of blades. These work best for me.

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