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Thread: Can't believe it's taken me this long! Ramblings from a DE razor convert

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    Cool Can't believe it's taken me this long! Ramblings from a DE razor convert

    For someone with sensitive skin and a relatively thick beard, you would think that I would have been a long-time advocate of DE razor shaving.. But no; for years I've stubbornly persisted with unsatisfying shaves with expensive electric shavers where my five o'clock shadow appeared by 11:00am.. This was punctuated by the odd foray into equally uninspiring multi-cartridge razor territory, having been suckered in by advertising that consisted of a man being hit in the face by a wall of water, falsely giving the impression that using this razor would be somehow hydrating.. After the recent demise of my latest electric shaver and tired of medicinal-smelling shaving cream from a can, I finally entered the world of DE razor wet-shaving.. Having always enjoyed the indulgence of a wet shave whenever I travel at a variety of tonsorial establishments, I thought, surely I can have this same level of enjoyment at home? After watching numerous "how to" YouTube videos in order to avoid a bad Sweeney Todd impersonation, I purchasing a Edwin Jagger DE89L (with Gillette 7 O'clock blades), Edwin Jagger shaving soap and an Edwin Jagger Super Badger shaving brush and eagerly embarked on my new shaving journey.. Oh what pleasure! From the evocative, sensory delights of the Aloe Vera scented shaving soap, to the dangerously exciting feeling of a razor gliding over my skin, I was an instant convert! Beside the enjoyment of the experience, I have also never had a shave as close and smooth! I share these inane ramblings with the hope that, like me, there are others out there who are looking for a better, more enjoyable shaving experience! To them I say, embrace the world of wet shaving and never look back! Thanks for reading!
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    I too have just started in the de world but have been using a straight for at least 8 months it's a great feeling that that one little blade can hack off all my thick beard in one stroke which s amazing to me
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    Welcome to SRP! I was in the same situation a few years ago, converted to DE and now to straights. Love both, but love my straights more.
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    Well done. Wait till you try Astra blades, they're REALLY nice...

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    Again welcome to SRP! I made the conversion over to DE a little while ago and now dipping my toes into straights. I now enjoy my shaves so much more than the days of when I shaved with a cartridge. So many shaving soaps/creams to try. Scents a plenty. And blades, so many different options. Id buy a sampler pack from someplace online and find out which blade works best for your skin. Youre going to love this new hobby!

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